One of a kind people inspiring a one of a kind brand. 
Goldvibe Jewellery values universal energy, collaboration, community
 and a deeper understanding of what it means to be one and a part of a whole.


Based out of Toronto ON, Goldvibe Jewellery focuses on making delicate, handmade pieces that are created with loving intention and precious materials. We take pride in working with natural stones with grounding energies. Our mission is to promote self-love, unity, and overall, good vibes.


It's hard to make an idea come to life solely by yourself. Goldvibe Jewellery was born from a small idea to create handmade jewellery set with loving intention that grew into something bigger. As the journey to create something beautiful began, the realization that the collective energy behind it all was truly the beautiful thing. The coming together of creatives, unique and inspiring people of all kinds fostered a community that began to shape the future of Goldvibe Jewellery. 

Thank you to the people that have inspired and collaborated with us. You are the driving force behind Goldvibe's perfectly imperfect journey. 


Michelle O'Grady 
founder, designer, goldsmith, product photographer
Shani K Moran
creative directing & photography
Kailia McCarthy


models and muses
Madi Smyth
Katie Dennis
Renee Bowens
Cory McPherson
Frannie Honoridez
Emily Chambers
Michelle Sohn
Thank you for all your help
& thanks to many more 
♡  ♡